The Essentially Oily Life

Cinnamon “Bark”! – circa Fall 2016

Shalom Y’all!

Deann here! Since Shabbat (the world calls it saturday) last week, I’ve been pondering some of the notions Abba has been revealing and how they pertain to essential things that nourish out bodies like foods and herbs and water and oil. I’ll have some content in regard to these ponderings and revelations soon but in the mean time, here is the latest little Hebrew “cross-over” thought I had today!

Just this week, I started using the Young Living Cinnamon Bark essential oil in my coffee… fantastic by the way! Then I remember my friend Angela telling me, “You don’t drink enough water!” and she’s right. So, I experimented with a drop of cinnamon bark essential oil in a glass of cool water. LOVED IT! I found the way to drink water, and WANT to drink it!

So, I thought about how what to post about this amazing little product. I researched the support for the body and found many benefits. Of course it’s pleasant to the taste and the smell. Not so pleasant to the touch (ask me later about the Cinnamon Bark essential oil drop that got away!). You can’t hear it of course unless the sound you hear is an individual say, “Yum!” or “AH! Smells like fall!”. So what about the eyes? “It’s liquid. What’s there to see, Lord?”

The bottle… “Yeah… nothing special there.”
The label… “Yes, it’s labled… where are you going with this Lord?”
The name… “Yes, it’s called Cinnamon Bark. Bark like ‘arf arf’?”
‘Bark’ in MY language… “OHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Remember I’m a Hebrew student. I was being told to look at the English characters in the word ‘bark’ and transliterate them to Hebrew characters. Using b- a- r- k- as example:

B = ב (the Hebrew letter BET = a ‘b’ sound)
R = ר (the Hebrew letter RESH = a ‘r’ sound)
K = ך (the Hebrew letter Kaf/Khaf sofit = a ‘k’ or in this case a ‘kh’ sound)

Since there are not Hebrew characters that represent the vowel sounds between the Hebrew characters in Hebrew words, the English character “A” is not represented.

The root verb form of .ב.ר.ך, or brk, means to bless. The noun form of ‘to bless’ is ‘a blessing’ or berachah.

So now, when I see the words Cinnamon Bark, I’m going to see and feel the benefits of cinnamon blessing! BARK BARK! BLESS BLESS!20160928_1124131