Deann Ford 022019

My name is Deann Ford. When I began studying Hebrew, the answers to the questions I asked started to become clear. I began to understand why it truly is the glory of Elohim to conceal a matter(word) and the quest of kings to seek it out.

While my journey of learning the language of Hebrew is not complete, Abba’s calling is clear and He has been equipping me to help others learn and understand Hebrew so He can lead them into study with Him.

One of the Hebrew words for “to teach” is lilmod/לילמוד. Lilmod is also the one of the Hebrew words for “to learn/study”. This being said, a teacher should have a capacity to learn as much as he/she teaches. The blessing I asked for 13 years ago is the same blessing Abba has been faithful to provide. I received and am still receiving the blessing to be teachable. That is the blessing I’ve been given so that I can offer and pour out to those who want to understand the language of which Elohim breathed to create the universe. My aim is to help you and Abba study TOGETHER through His language. 

Allow me to help you fashion a study tool box by learning the language of Hebrew. When you use the tools, Elohim will show you how He works all things together for good, to them that love Him and are called according to his purposes.  

Here are some of the areas where the knowledge I’ve been given can help:
– Teaching the Hebrew language and dynamics that come with it
– Showing how to assemble a “language tool box” so one can study with Him. 


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